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Arts and Heritage

by RIG Arts

Monday 24th - Saturday 29th October
RIG Arts Studio, Greenock
Daily 10am - 4pm | Free

An exhibition of work from RIG Arts projects - Recycle Upcycle, Open Studios and Lee Jeans Sit In.


Recycle Upcycle, funded by People's Health Trust, is a community project promoting recycling and upcycling - giving a new lease of life to old materials and items. See the colourful results of our ice and eco dying workshops, as well as a special banner created just for Galoshans Festival.


Open Studios, part of Inverclyde's Culture Collective, is an art project for young people who are interested in pursuing a career in the arts. Led by our professional tutors, they have been learning about sculpture, ceramics, fine art, printmaking and more. A selection of their impressive outputs will be on display.


Lee Jeans Sit In, funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund, is a project celebrating and creating a legacy for the event when hundreds of workers barricaded themselves in the Lee Jeans factory amid fears it would be closed. Featuring photographs, articles, creative outputs and more!

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