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Saturday 29th October
Royal West Of Scotland Amateur Boat Club, Greenock
Slots available between 10am - 5pm
23mins | Free but ticketed

An audio work by French & Mottershead.

What happens when we reach the end of life? Listen to an intimate and poetic story of afterlife as you look out
over the water. Hear the process of transformation as your body is borne by currents and tides, from a canal,
through a widening river and out to sea.

Galoshan’s Festival is delighted to present French and Mottershead’s internationally acclaimed Waterborne for
the first time in Scotland. 

Written from forensic case studies of human bodies transported by water and research on the ecosystems of
rivers and tidal waters, Waterborne is one of four audio works from French & Mottershead’s Afterlife series.

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Free but ticketed. Book your slot to experience Waterborne via EventBrite here.

Alternatively, drop in at Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club on the day.


You’ll receive an audio player and headphones from the Info Point at Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club, Esplanade, Greenock, PA16 7SE. You must bring a valid ID in exchange for the equipment.

The best way to experience Waterborne is on a slow walk or as you sit with all the sensory stimuli of being close to water.

Please wear clothing and shoe suitable for the weather and location. A transcript of the audio track will be available.

Age Recommendation: Please note that you must be +14 or accompanied by an adult in order to attend this

Content Note: Waterborne explores death and features descriptions of human decomposition.


Waterborne is supported by The Wellcome Trust and Arts Council England, the artists collaborated with forensic anthropologists, ecologists and conservators in developing each Afterlife work. Researching the minute details of decay in different environments (woodland, water, museum, and home) to create a series of poetic works that puncture our fear of the unknown.

Part of Feral Galoshans Festival Takeover Programme

Galoshans Festival is funded by Creative Scotland and Event Scotland. Lead Festival Partners include: RIG Arts, CVS Inverclyde, Beacon Art Centre, Magic Torch and Trancnd.

Image Credit: Waterborne, overlooking Lake Kallevasi at ANTI Festival, Finland. Photograph by Pekka Makinen

Thank you to Royal West of Scotland Amateur Boat Club for their support. 

For detailed access information on each event and location, download the Galoshans Festival Access Information below.

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