Find out more about the history of Going Galoshans in Inverclyde and 7 years of Galoshans Festival!

Are you going Galoshans?

The term 'Going Galoshans' has long been used by residents of Inverclyde to describe guising door to door around Hallowe’en time - dressing up and delivering a skit or play, this tradition often centred around the characters of the Galoshans story – an activity we now recognise as modern-day Trick or Treating.


In 2014, a local Inverclyde school teacher reignited the passion for Going Galoshans, encouraging a new generation to keep this lyrical local term and tradition of folk performance alive.


Subsequent Galoshans Festivals from 2014 – 2019 delivered by UZ Arts, Inverclyde Place Partnership, Beacon Arts Centre and RIG Arts have supported this resurgence in local pride with an annual programme of events, rooted in performance, creativity and community celebration.



A new version of the traditional Galoshans Play, was adapted by Paul Bristow in 2016. This chapbook facsimile was created to help rekindle the tradition of "Going Galoshans" on Hallowe'en, it includes elements of the original play which would have been performed in Greenock hundreds of years ago, in addition to new sections which use folk characters and motifs specific to the Inverclyde area. The project was supported by Heritage Lottery Fund Scotland and Inverclyde Place Partnership. 

View it online here, get inspired and put on your own performance!

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