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Thursday 26th & Friday 27th October | Greenock Cut Visitor Centre

Thursday 26 October | 4pm
Friday 27 October | 1pm & 4pm

1hr per session
FREE but ticketed via Eventbrite

Access: R/TT 

Mouth of the river is a participatory performance by Ieva 

Grigelionyte which invites the audience to explore Inverclyde 

through their senses such as smell, taste and touch. Taking water as the main theme, the piece will look into the different ideas and 

narratives we hold of the River Clyde, which continues to shape 

this area and sustain the life around it.


Composed of six parts, the poetic edible journey will conceptually map out this body of water by taking the participants through a sea fog, following low and high  tides, stepping down to the river bed, moving across the sea floor and surfacing at the mouth of the river. To capture this wandering, specially created flavours will be accommodated within a tasting menu of ice cream, handcrafted incense, interactive sculptural pieces and other small offerings.

Inspiration as well as flavouring ingredients will be sourced and foraged from the local area to further immerse the audience in a sensory experience rooted in this place. The features of different landscapes will be reflected in the textures and forms of the offerings, as well as the way they will be presented to the audience.

Ieva Grigelionyte_photo by Jassy Earl.jpg


Thursday, 26th October 4pm 

Friday 27th October 1pm and 4pm


Free but ticketed.  Please book via EventBrite here.

8 persons per session (X3 sessions available)

Age 18+ and 12+ with an adult. Event is aimed for adult audiences, but parents are welcome to bring children along.


Thank you to Clyde Muirshiel Regional Park and particularly Michael Holcombe (Senior Ranger) for all their support.

Part of Feral Galoshans Festival Takeover Programme

Galoshans Festival is funded by Creative Scotland. Lead Festival Partners include: RIG Arts, Feral, The Beacon Arts Centre, Magic Torch, Inverclyde Libraries, Clyde Muirshiel, Where's The One, Inverclyde Leisure, Inverclyde Council, Kayos, Youth Music Initiative and TRANCND.

Image Credit: Jeni Reid


R: Relaxed Performance - Audience can come and go as they please/make noise/move around.  Event is aimed for adult audiences, but parents are welcome to bring children along.

TT: Touch Tour - Audience members who are visually impaired are invited to attend the event 20 minutes before official start time as an opportunity to touch parts of the installation, food, and props.

All events in our programme are marked with a clear Access Key which identifies any access provisions that are in place.

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